Sometimes People Need

Something To Take Home.

Print Collateral Marketing

Give Your Consumers Something to Hold Onto.

It’s one thing to see a brand on a website or their social media. It is another completely to have something to take home. You as a business owner will need something to be mailed or handed out.  The problem is that sometimes people will simply throw these things away without a second thought. That’s where we come in.

Giving Your Audience Physical Media

We Want to Make Something They'll Want To Keep.

Our talented staff is well versed in print media. We are obsessed with making something that your consumers will want to take with them. We will analyze what makes your business unique and tell that story through something your consumers can take with them. Whether it is an eye-catching brochure or a clever marijuana mailing. We've got you covered.

A Little Piece Of The Whole Picture

We Offer So Much More

Maybe you aren't quite ready to make a mailing. Maybe you want a website to drive people to or an awesome logo you want to show off. Here at Tetrah Marketing, we got you covered. Our agency is built to take care of whatever you need. We understand that marketing is a collective effort with many different pieces to make a puzzle. If you want to see how else we can help your cannabis brand, take a minute to check out our other services.

More Services

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