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Cannabis Insurance

Cannabis Insurance

Relationship-Driven Insurance Designed Specifically For Those In Our Industry

You own or are starting a Cannabis Business. True to the pioneering spirit of Colorado you’re a leader in navigating and influencing this important and emerging industry. Being a pioneer means taking bigger risks for bigger rewards, and that describes the cannabis business environment.

Because your business is high risk, insurance coverage is essential to protecting your assets. We are one of the oldest independent agencies in Denver. Located in “The Green Mile,” we have kept our finger on the cannabis industry’s pulse from the beginning.

Your entire operation insured under one roof

Affordable. Dependable. Knowledgeable.

We understand the unique and complex underwriting guidelines that Cannabis businesses like yours must meet to be insurable. And, we represent insurance companies that will insure your Cannabis business.

We provide insurance coverage to the following types of Cannabis businesses:

Cannabis Dispensaries
Cannabis Infused Product Manufacturers
Cannabis Cultivation Facilities
Landlords of Cannabis Businesses
Professional Service Advisors to Cannabis Businesses

Taking steps forward

We've Got You Covered

Because we are a Broker, we have access to multiple carriers and markets. This is very important because Cannabis businesses fall into the “hard to insure” categories.

We always recommend being proactive and getting connected with us as early as possible during the startup process. Whether it is a new venture or an existing business, each phase requires a variety of coverage that we can identify and keep up with.

Cannabis Business Case Scenarios

Build Out:
Some of our clients start out with a vacant lot or buy a building that will be a total rehab. Whatever the case may be, we can help from the licensing, construction or build out phase of your business. We’re here from the start.

Marijuana-Infused Products:
We work with companies that offer some of the most comprehensive cannabis programs out there. If you need coverage as an edible or infused goods manufacturers, we’ve got your back, from lab, inventory, build out to product liability and delivery exposures.

Cannabis Grow Facilities:
Whether it’s hemp or cannabis, CBD or THC your grow operation needs the right policy throughout the cycle. From seedlings to buds, to mature plants, to crop coverage, you will have insurance that spans the full process.


We look forward to starting the conversation with you and being a valuable resource for your team.

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A Little Piece Of The Whole Picture

We Offer So Much More

Insurance, while important, is a small piece of the cannabis business ecosystem. Make sure the other aspects of your business is covered as well. Let us show you how our business essentials can help grow your business to its full potential.

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