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We are a one-stop-shop for all business services in the world of marijuana. Our services are built with professionalism & simplicity in mind. Not as individual parts existing side by side but a whole infrastructure designed to help you succeed.

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Building a marijuana business is harder than it looks because most business services aren’t catered for the marijuana industry. That’s where we come in, we make it easy by providing the tools and services that normal business’s take for granted. Check out our individual services to find out how we can help your marijuana business. 

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Workforce Management

Our workforce management is an automated solution that is 100% compliant, legal, and hardened against outages, attack, and intrusion. Designed to be simple, safe, and secure.


After working within industry leading companies, helping them grow alongside developing rules and regulations, we offer a well-rounded consulting service to help better manage your Cannabis business.


We understand the unique and complex underwriting guidelines that Cannabis businesses like yours must meet to be insurable. We provide top-of-the-line insurance with competitive rates


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