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Modern Marketing for Modern Businesses

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Marijuana is a growing business. We mean that in a couple ways but it is important to consider what that means for us. We see all of these businesses popping up and wonder what makes them different. It is that ability to see the subtle differences that make us different. We find ourselves constantly looking for that one thing that makes you unique. That is who we are. We care that you want to grow.

About Us

New Business Requires New Ways of Thinking

We were built from the ground up by professionals that were used to working in traditional agencies. We understand the whole marketing game that all of the traditional agencies play. We hate that game. That is the game that you get stuck in, where they tell you to do what everyone else does to be successful. That game is what pushed us to make Tetrah Marketing.

That is what pushed us into marijuana marketing. It is an industry that is all about breaking the mold.  We want to find what makes you unique as a business and use it to tell your story. That story becomes the cornerstone of everything we do and we won’t rest until we get your unique message to everyone who will benefit from hearing it.


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